Welcome to Joan Johnson School of Floral Design

If you are looking for a career redirection or just simply want to enjoy the experience of working with flowers, may I suggest you enroll in one of my  courses at the Joan Johnson School of Floral Design.

I established my first school in 1971 and many of my students have gone on to develop successful careers in the field, many operating their own florist shops.
At the Joan Johnson School of Floral Design, I offer an intensive course.  Students learn by "doing - hands on." The enrollment is kept to a minimum per class as I prefer to be accessible to provide personalized tutoring for each student. Our students use only fresh cut flowers and students take home their own floral creations each day.  Upon successful completion of my course, students are awarded a Diploma recognized within the florist industry.

Course Content
  • Special care & handling of fresh flowers & greens
  • Bow Making
  • Elements of Design
  • Design in traditional style
  • Design in contemporary style
  • Corsages
  • Wedding Bouquets
  • Hand Tied Bouquet
  • Formal Wedding Bouquets
  • Triangle Shape Arrangement
  • All Round Shape Arrangement
  • Table Centrepiece
  • Vase Arrangement
  • Funeral Tribute
  • Proffesional Pricing strategies
  • Buying Techniques
  • Tips for effective shop management
  • The school provides continuing education in one day specialized seminars in  contemporary party work, advanced wedding design and tropical flower workshops.

    Thousands of students have graduated from the Joan Johnson School of Floral Design and are working in professional flower shops and becoming shop owners themselves.

    "I am proud of my diploma...I hated to see the course end. A very gifted and talented lady. Thanks Joan."
    Linda, Coquitlam

    "My main purpose of joining your class was to make my own wedding bouquets, as I am getting married in a month...I achieved to make not only beautiful, lovely bouquets but also beautiful corsages. Joan was always very kind to me and unique, even though I am not good at speaking in English. Her explanations were easy to understand, I really hope I'd like to learn more from Joan. I enjoyed your class very much. Thank you."
    Aki, Japan

    "Joan,it has been a pleasure learning floral design. You are a fantastic teacher and have expressed your enthusiasm and encouragement to us all. With much gratitude to a special person. As an individual who has participated in numerous courses in the interior design field, I found the Joan Johnson School of Floral Design the most enjoyable course I have attended. Joan is a talented, patient and encouraging teacher, who imparts to her students the confidence to pursue a floral design career. She's great."
    Donna, South Surrey

    "With the course and your help, designing and making up the bouquets and other floral arrangements for my sister's wedding was a breeze...Thanks Joan, you and your class are A-Number 1."
    Mary, Vancouver

    "Joan's classes in floral design can only receive one rating: Excellent! Whether her courses are taken for personal pleasure, or you are training for a full-time career, be assured you are getting the best!"
    Ann , Victoria 

    For Further Information or to Register for Classes
    call  Joan  at  1-604-524-9122